the new beginning :)

its the 1st day of 2011 . i would like say thank u to God for the blessing and the joy i had in 2010 . and im gonna congratulate my own self that i finally free from cigarrete !! woo hooooooo !its been a year since the last time i smoked :)

i believe that we have to live our life to the fullest. but whats important before we live it? its the target . The preparation . some people call it new year resolution . i call it "part of my future plan".
its part of my nature to always worry about things . even to the things i should not. thats why i am a planner .i plan everything in my life . i just dont like it when people do not plan their own life and then they will bitch and moan about everything that doesnt go on their way . and at the end they would blame "destiny". please???!!! *rollseyes*
for me , "destiny" is just another word for not having choices . and who make choices? yes ! damn straight ! our own selves !

well, lets get straight to the purpose of this blog .
here are my 2011 resolution:
1. live a healthy life.
>> 2010 is my moot point . i should live a healthy life from now on ! i can quit smoking , that means i can reduce my caffein supply . its hard deal, tho LOL
oh, i need also constantly consume vitamin C . you know for beauty's sake and all LOL 
i was an anorexic and bulimic at high school. what a stupid teenage life !  i almost lose my menstrual cycle, i lost 15 kilos in only 3 months. i felt prettier because i was thin . buuuut, im not gonna do it again .
i would live in a healthy life . become thinner would be just a bonus :p 

2. finish my college in June
for the love that all holy , i have to finish my college in JUNE !!! that way , i will get the job faster !!!!

3. get a steady job
im already sick of asking money to my parents . im 20 y.o for god's sake and i want to live my life with my own money !!! i hope i would get a job with a good salary , a lovely boss, and friendly co workers :) well, its a wish ! :p im gonna make the best wish as possibly as i could :p

thats all , some things are not appropriate to be told in here :pppp

happy new years ,everyone :) *clankingglasses* cheers for many years of  joy yet to unfold :)


A letter from me to all girls.

Some people may not agree with my thought below. This post comes after one of shocking moment yet very moving in my life lol
So , here are my rambles . you may not want to read this because u would think im naïve. So, yeaaah . I warned you :ppppp

You don’t have to be beautiful, so boys get attracted to you
You don’t have to be rich, so boys would come to you
You don’t have to come from a respected family, so boys would respect you.
And the most important you don’t have to give yourself, so boys stay attached to you.

Girls, let me tell you this. “Self respect” is your backbone to live in this cruel world. Think with your head before u do anything instead of your illogical heart. Because in the end, girls always the one who end up being broken hearted.

Protect your heart , protect your body, protect yourself. Because one day, you will find your destiny . and he is the one who should get the best from you.

I don’t say most of us are stupid to give “everything” to their boyfriend.but some decision could be stupid. I just want you girls respect your self . because who else who’s gonna respect us beside ourselves?

For those who already fallen , don’t cry because u regret it. Boys don’t worth our tears . stand up , face it like a big and responsible girls. Do not ever fall again at the same hole. That is the most idiotic thing to do and I believe you know about that already.

If u fallen again , I believe you are just that stupid or maybe you are just that cheap. And now, im gonna puke for thinking about you . I pity for you bahahhahahha

I aint a saint ,I aint an angel. Im just a girl who respect her self . who think with her brain and who will not let boys take her down. And I will try my damn best to stick in my opinion .

Girls,don’t let boys take advantage of you . why do I blame you when you cried because they broke your heart after all you both have done together? Because you can say NO before you did those things. Boys are boys .they think with their other head instead of their actual head LOL you cant just blame them. Because you did that together. and you obviously can say NO. but u didn’t . place your self high , because that is the place you deserve.

Let me tell you in simple words, “I just don’t fucking get it . u cried , u blamed the boys , blah blah blah . I mean where on earth your head is when u let him fuck you?! You both did it. You both deal with it. And now move the fuck on! And do not fucking cry for stupid things you did together!!!”
*Goddamnit, I try to not curse . but hell yeah , I did :p*

Is he the one? Is he worth the risks? Because u cant undo it and you don’t have anyone but yourself to blame in the end.
think again,girls 

P.S :for boys : respect ur GF, treat her right like you would treat ur mom or ur beloved sister .

P.SS : im gonna change my username 

Ok, that’s it.

With love


things that ive should say

heiiiii, dont you all miss me ??? *waves madly* :D

reality has been a real bitch since my birthday . you know? some adult stuff and shit like that? LOOOOL

but ive been keeping up with kristen's land through some awesome livejournals :) oh and so many kstew army always keep me update <3 i love you girls sooooo much :)

FYI,i deleted my twitter :) im sick of the drama between nonstens and RK believers LOL
nah, im kidding :p i just dont want to be a girl who always complaining about her life. and thats what i did at twitter every time i have a problem .
complaining ,complaining and more complaining :)

i just want to grow up and stop bitching and moaning about my life at twitter .
and i think its the best way :)

ive been knowing you all since 2 years ago :)
thank you so much for everything .
i love you all soooooooo much :)
i could say that u girls are better than all people in my real life ehehhe they all are bitches or bastard LOL
u girls always there for me , offering hugs , and shoulders to cry :) and im so lucky to have all of you :)

but , i think its the right decision for me .
so, im sorry girls for leaving you all. Its hard but I’ll live with it !

i think I should say this :

1. im happier than ever
>> i think a random wise quote that say “Life can't promise pure happiness, but everything would be better if you learn to accept the things you can't change” is somehow true . I cant change how bad my family issues are BUT I can make it as something to look up to when I have my own family.

2. I miss you girls like crazy
>> its so sad that some of you don’t have facebook or skype :(  ive missed you like crazy *wipetears* arty, lisa, Virginia , angie , ive missed you :( please please please make a facebook ! so, we could catch up <3

Ok that’s it for now :) i have some classes to attend to 


my birthday :)

 today is my birthday <333

im officially a 20 years old girl todaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :DDDD

tons of words cant explain my feeling .its 5pm but there r already over 120 people said happy birthday at my facebook . i love you guys so much :)
and all my RKtwitterBBs who r being so fucking awesome at twitter <333 u r all an angels!!!!!

im so happy yet so scared at the same time for being a 20 years old hehhe
thanks for all the wishes :)


lets date one of this man :p


this is for fuuuuuuuuuuunn :))
in order to get to know kristen and then be her BFF LOL we should date one of this man :

1. John ASB
fuck yes !!! he seems so lovely and totes a sweetheart :))

and he is like 24/7 with kristen hehehhe

LOL forever at kristen's expression . bet she was talking about  "yeah , you know what john , i was like shocked like really really shocked when i see rob's dick"

2. Tomstu
oh yaaaaay !!!! who can resist his cuteness???!!!!!! omg camilla belle was a lucky bitch :ppppp 

OICU :ppp protecting mommy ,eh ??? good boy :)

OMG ! hotness !!!!!! tomstu.kristen.garret.maya.is.dead ---------------------

3. Taystew

asdfgh6147575@#$$#$^(() *DEAD* he is HAWT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and we could be kristen's sister in law LMAO
imagine having kristen&rob at our wedding LMAO 


helllo there , handsome *sigh*

fuck !!! i want to be one of the stewarts!!!

4. Taylor lautner

i wonder if this kid already had a GF . i mean Taylor is HOT but im not a cougar,so ???? :p

i always love this photo . kristen is absolutely stunning in this photo and look at taylor yummmmmm

LMAO =)) it looks like THAT kristen is the one who HELPED taylor lmao
we could see that taylor and kristen is a close friend . hmmm, double date with kristen and rob??? EVERY TEENAGERS DREAM !

this man is hot . WTF???!!! no one around kristen is fugly !!! not fairrrrr LOL

he sure got all kristen's attention in this pic LOL
i mean a bodyguard is HOT and a really really hot bodyguard could cause global warming .js

i dont mind you protect me for the rest of my life, sir *batseyelashes*

ok and here it is *hold my breath* *drum rolls*

are u guys still with me??? LOL don die bc of that pic! 

6. camStew
jesus ! this man is bad ass !!! but he makes a certain part of my body tingles LMAO

wish i had this pic in HQ!!!!!!!! camstew with umbrella ?!! doesnt look like a shit but looks mothefrucking HOT !!!!

FML !!! we can see his holy stick !!!!!!!



cat is motherfucking awesome :)))

i love cats :DDDDD

i have hundreds of cats since i was child . my mom also loves cats . 
what makes cat so lovely ????

that one is rachel <3 she is sick now :( 

and that one is bucil :D he is so effing badass !!!! he loves to sleep with me :) he always wait me in the front of my bedroom evry night

look ! my cat mischa loves fashion bahahhah she loves to read magazine :DDD

chuck is my fav !!!!!!! he is so damn cute with his huge belly LOOOOL
 and he is so tiny <33333 i can make him a pocket cat :DD

hhohoo this one is lindsay :) 

i wonder if jella wants to date one of my cats :/ 
its going to be fuckawesome !!!! 
me and kristen are gonna held the biggest wedding ever in cat's world :D

oh im sure rob would help us to build a new house <333

bitch please

Rob never does wrong but kristen always does ....in your fucking delusional mind !


This is coming from one woman at my twitter. “for someone who is in this business longer than rob . kristen handles papz less gracious than rob, well its my opinion” mahahhahahhahahha

Geez,woman !

i cant even ..

Gah ! I lost my fucking words

Yeah , that’s ur opinion . and this is my opinion .

“Kristen is only a human not super human with super perfected power. So, mind ur own business like uhm working ur ass off to live ur life . well, if u have one.”


Bye, psycho.



RK kissing pic , mofos !

I was LOLing until I can’t catch my breath because some people were like “oh em gee . its papz pic . we shouldn’t see those . omg .fuck off papz .blah blah blah” yet you also see those fuckawesome pics! duhhhhh

I mean , fuck yesss I love to see their photos. Papz or no papz ! they are two A list celebrities after all. What do u expect ? they are not two cast from those MTV program who are desperately looking for publicity. So ,its normal for someone like them . if RK themselves is OK with papz taking their pics kissing in the middle of the street. Who are you to feel bothered ? LOOOOOL

Lets get to the business,
After all Moantreal festive this past 3 days . more people voice their hate to Kristen . I promised to myself that I will not low myself by looking to all those sites that dedicated their life for hating kristen . but honestly , it bothers me that some psychotics girl wishes Kristen to dead . and because yesterday is a national holiday at my country , I have so much time to lurk on the internet . so, I decided to see R********L**** !and buahahhahhahah those girls are funnier than those assholes who r running naked in front of my house.

oh this post is totally just for my own pleasure . so, don’t read if u r one of robsessed whore who can’t accept Kristen in ur idol’s life .
1. A girl decided to stop running a blog at one of rob’s blog after saw RK kissing pic .
 Like seriously ???? LMAO what makes thing funnier is she said “I GAVE UP MY LIFE FOR THIS BLOG . HE IS EVERYTHING” << LOL forevahhhhhhhhhh .

OICU have no life because of Rob .pathetic LOL glad that u have a fucking life now . thanks to Kristen :p

2. A certain people (if you know what I mean) photoshopped her pic with rob and put those photos at her bed room.
 Im dying from happiness here LMAO yeahhhhhh, you rulez , delusional girl ! *sarcasm*

3. “IM A MASSIVE A NONSTEN BELIEVER” <<< LMAO stupidity never ends!!
Until babies born from men’s ass holes , u just wont happy to see rob dating a girl . stop dreaming , and play with ur barbies for teenagers or feeding ur kids for you,old hags.
Ur kids might be starving to death right now when u read my LJ !

Let me tell you women, being this psycho wont let u closer to rob .but it will lead you closer to mental health care .

Have a nice day

rob&#39;s t shirt

im jealous ...because kristen stewart has everthing that i havent

jealous bc of robert pattinson?!?

haha, no thanks . im not one of those delusional whores !!! im not those horny teens or old hAgs hahhaha

im not jealous bc of that man.duh
im jealous because :

1. kristen had became she wanted to be when she is 20 yo
me? im still taking baby steps to make all my dreams come true. but i wont give up . im not maya if i cant make it . thank you so much kristen for always inspiring me that GIRLS could be someone they wanted to be .

2. Kristen has a lovely parents.
me? i dont have . i live only with my mom. sometimes with my dad , if he could stop bitching for once. i need to work my ass off since i was a child to fullfill my own needs . my father hates me & my mom (well, thats what i think bc his action towards us)
he thinks he could buy me things and make up for all his behaviour. after that he just break my heart and my mom's again and again.
to be honest, i hate to see people crying, i hate seeing my mom crying, i hate my self for crying.
what did i do to deserve something like this?
dont i deserve to be happy like other girls?

3. kristen has 3 supportive brothers
me? i kicked out my step brother from our house . i dont have a good relationship with my step sister either . and i dont have any siblings.so yeah, im fucked up

4. kristen (maybe) has been in love
me? never . yeahh, i dated a couple of guys. but been in love? nah, never .
im too broken. who wants a broken piece like me? no one, i tell you. im too afraid to be in love.

5. kristen obviously has a problem too but she doesnt complaint publicly like me . im sure she handled it by her self.
me? im complaining and whining about my problem everyday.

yess, basically im jealous .

have a good day


my 10 fave actresses

 My 10 fav actresses :

1. Kristen stewart

Are u shitting on me ? u want me to mention another name at the 1st place ??? NOT likely !!!! :p
I believe one day kristen would win an Oscar for sure  its going to be very soon ! I can tell you that :D

2. Anna hatheway

Awwww I love her  she is soooo pretty <3 the devil wears prada is one of my fav movie all the time . off course I love her :D

3. Scarlett johanson

The second woman that I would go gay for LOL (pst psst after Kristen off course). She is just so flawless :D my non existence dick was twitching everytime I see her at iron man LOL

4. Keira knightley

i love her british accent and NGL she is so flawless . i just love her . and beside , she is on of a promising actress in hollywood :)

5. Kate winslet

*sigh* *donthaveanythingtosayabouther* i admire her !

6. Gwyneth paltrow 

Shakespeare in love is one of my fav movie :) thats why i love her and beside her hubby screams HOTNESS LOL

7. Ellen page

i would die if ellen and kristen in one movie !!!! the best 2 actress in their generation !!!! #ellstenFTW :p

8. Emily blunt

have no reason . i just love her . :D

9. Charlize theron

o_O one hell sexy woman in the earth :p 

10. hillary swank

how could u not love her ?????